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I’m currently a mother/baby RN and I’m looking at enrolling in a master’s program next year. However, I’m torn between which specialty I want to go into - peds or women’s health. I love my current job, getting to work with both babies and women after childbirth. I’d love to hear if anyone else has felt this way and why they chose one specialty over the other, or simply if any PNP or WHNP could share information about their role. Thank you! ☺️


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I am finishing a PMHNP program but many of my close friends are recent graduates from the Pedi track and WH track. Have you considered looking into Neonatal and nurse-midwife specialties? The people in the pedi track that just graduated were having a hard time finding jobs and for women's health even our school advised students to dual certidy in both WH and Adult Gero (my school offers a dual track) as this would help increase job options. I know that neonatal and nurse mid wives have a better job market at the moment. Just food for thought.