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I currently have my BSN and want to go back to school pmhnp. Does anyone know anything about Chamberlain's program?

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NP Students - I just had a Chamberlain NP Students cold call me at home from a website listing sent to her by Chamberlain so she could ask me to precept her. Students- this is really problematic. First, your school should not be sending you a list of NPs to call without asking the NPS on the list first. It is very bad manners (cheeky a best) and doesn't help students be successful. What type of school does this? One who doesn't support the students. Second, most NPs who precept are already committed to do so to either a particular school(s) or to NP students they know already and whose knowledge/practice they already trust. Third, few NPs are very happy to receive these calls, especially from unknown out- of -state students, when NPs' time is already overcommitted. Lastly, in areas where there are many very good NP schools there are too few preceptor slots for the local programs even when there are deep relationships and connections with the local NP practices. Many clinical sites simply will not allow NPs or MD/DOs to take students because of the time needed to teach and lost productivity due to clinical teaching. Chamberlain does not have a particularly good reputation (it is a FOR profit school without solid academic/professional affiliations-think DeVry or University of Phoenix and look up the history of those schools) and this can hinder students who choose this program over more local and reputable programs. But this is the reality- and there are other online and reputable schools. The life of a NP student isn't easy but this choice is destined to make it harder. I wonder if you students thought to ask how many other students are able to get placements for precepting, how many students pass the APRN exam first try, how many students can actually get licensed in a state, how many students are hired upon graduation. As far as clinicals go, contact preceptors who know you or who know someone you know first- personal connections may be your best chance of getting a placement. Best of luck to you all.

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I am starting this program August 29th.