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Pls help. Its for a project for school

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by Liz21 Liz21 (Member)

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Hello I am doing a project for school and need to interview a EMT/Nurse/Doctor.

Topic: What is your role in an emergency?

What do you do in an emergency situation when it comes to:

a. an adult who is unconscious?

b. an infant/child who is unconscious?

c. an adult who is choking?

d. an infant who is choking?

e. an adult who is in shock?

f. an adult who is bleeding?

g. an adult who has a wound?

h. a child who has ingested household cleaning products?

i. an adult who a 2nd degree burn?

What are your assessment when it comes to an emergency situation?

Along with this, could you please state your position, if you are a RN, EMT, doctor. Thank you for your time.

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Achoo! is a LPN and specializes in Urgent Care.

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You may want to post this in the general nursing discussion, as we are mostly still students on this forum. good luck!

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