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pleural effusion, chf


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Decreased cardiac output R/T alteration in afterload AEB +3 pitting edema of bilateral lower extremities

does this make sense?? patient presenting with pleural effusion, has chf, and we gave 40mg of lasix on my clinical shift. with 850 out put in 2 hours..


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I would try

Fluid Volume Overload R/T increased preload AEB +3 pitting edema in bilateral lower extremities.

according to your NANDA texts, yours may be correct. But being a heart nurse and seeing afterload always makes me think of pressure. Remeber preload=volume and afterload=pressure.


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For the CHF:

Reduced cardiac output r/t increased preload and loss of pumping function of right ventricle AEB 3+ pitting edema of bilateral lower extremities

For the pleural effusion:

Excess Fluid Volume r/t abnormal, excessive collection of fluid into the pleural spaces secondary to low protein content in the blood vessels or lung disease (you choose what is appropriate) AEB tachypnea, shortness of breath, orthopnea, sharp chest pains with coughing or taking a deep breath, chest x-ray results