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Please recommend a good website to prepare for CNA exam.

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I am in class now in Minnesota, and have resources from that. Also looking for what may be available online. Practice exams, etc.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

When I was preparing for the exam I went on youtube and found some videos that were helpful. Just reading the steps in a manual was not enough for me.

Some of the videos are going to be for other states that may have slightly different steps, so search for Minessota specifically. However I am in PA and I found that the videos from a South Carolina school were exactly the same as what I had to do. Even a video that shows a slightly different technique can be helpful if you watch it with your skills book in hand, noting the differences.

I've never heard of anyone having a major problem with the written exam. It is the skills test that can be tricky if you do not prepare. I was overconfident and failed my first time.

Hope this helps.


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