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Please Help!


Hey everyone! I'm just finishing school in 12 days and I am extremely excited! BUT I need a little help if possible. I am working in a hospital that I am going to stay at and I am having to start these assessment forms to prepare me for orientation. I know how to do a phyiscal assessment and what I need, but my issue is how to word the entire assessment. It's basically a blank piece of paper with the names of the systems out to the side and I am responsible for filling in the rest. Will someone please refresh my memory on how to word everything? Thank you

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Kozier & Erb has a physical assessment book that reviews all of the systems and examples of how to write a general physical assessment. It's a really good book that we used in our Intro to Nursing Clinical course...if you don't want to buy it, your school library or local library might have a copy.

Congrats on almost being done...good luck on the NCLEX:nuke:

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