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please help!!! nclex exam next week!!!!!!!

hi everyone ,

i am going to take my nclex exam next am becoming very nervous . already i failed twice this is my third attempt.... feeling very very nervous and am not anble toc oncenterate i was ok till yesterday.please helpme out am i the only person .i feel blank. tho i was preparing q bank with good effort and scores today i feel so nervous please help ... last results keep coming to my mind please addme in your prayers and also your suggestions and advice please.:confused::confused::crying2:

Just try to relax, use the rest of your time to review your weak areas. You are in my prayers! Have some faith and trust God to see you through.

thank you so muchapril31099 , i am doing kaplan and lacharity and content review for sunders is that enough!!!kaplan i ave not completed . becos the exam is going to be tougher from april onwards , some people take it by march end .... or else is it good to postpone for another month.please help


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