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Please help, I'm lost

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Hey guys I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm a Registered Nurse in the state of Kentucky. I currently work at a spa doing basic facials and diamond microdermabrasion facials. I'm wanting to expand my skills but I'm not quite sure what I can legally do. Such as if I have to go to Esthetician school/ become a certified esthetician to be able to take specific classes/training so I can do specific skills such as laser hair removal, certain peels, microblading, dermaplaning, microneedling, and things along that line or if me having a nursing license is enough to take those sort of classes. Also if anyone knows where I can find those sort of classes and training online ? Or if there is a MSN route in this area?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea where to begin or where to look for classes. The nearest esthetician school is over 2 hours away from me. I know there are certain things I can't do without being trained and without being under the supervision of a NP or physican.

Please contact the Kentucky BON. If they don't have a position/policy, ask them to bring your question at the next board meeting.


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There's also prob a State Board of Licensing for Estheticians and they prob have their own scope of practice rules & regs.

That might help.


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