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Please help! I am a nervous wreck!


Hello All,

I am posting to try and relieve some of my anxiety. I took the NCLEX PN Tuesday and am anxiously awaiting the results. I am in NY so i should find out tmrw morning.

I am wondering if the pearsonvue trick is ever wrong? I did it and got the "good pop up" but am still very nervous. My test shut off at 85 questions and i didn't feel confident at all!

Thanks for taking the time to read, advice appreciated.

JbreezyRN specializes in LTC/Pediatrics.

that sounds good news to me! good luck on your result!

Good luck!! I'm sure you passed.. I don't think I've heard anyone get the "good pop up" and not! I take mine in 12 days and I'm a wreck... :uhoh3: Let us know how you did!!


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