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please help me and classmate PLEASE.....

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We are nursing students (from Nursing Care Providers Hayward,CA campus) in need of a (licensed) community health nurse that does not work in a hospital or nursing home. One that actually helps residents in there home or in the community. My fellow student and I need a community service nurse (home health nurse) for a class project. In which we are going to ask a couple questions about the nursing specialty that you have chosen. We can either conduct the interview by email, instant messenger, cell phone, or in person. What ever makes you feel comfortable. So please email me back and we can work things from there. Thank you so much for your cooperation.


Dorji, Chris

I'd be happy to help! I have student nurses join me a couple times a month. You can send me a private message. .:nurse:

thanks for the help

You can also PM me. I have about 5 years in hh and 10 years total as a RN.


Specializes in Home Care.

I have worked in home care for 19 years. I've worked as a case manager, supervisor, and prn nurse. If you need anymore information, you can also pm me. Good luck with your project!

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