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Please-does anyone live around cleveland, ohio?


Has 14 years experience.

Desperate to find a home health position----no previous hh experience though-----does anyone know of any companies hiring around here?

I just had a baby and the organization "Help Me Grow" had a home nurse stop by to give my daughter a check up. You can try contacting them to see if they are hiring.

Hard to believe nobody from that area frequents the board. If you have to, get out the good ol' yellow pages and call each of the listed companies under home health and nurses and ask them. I just checked on http://www.indeed.com and found seven or so listings on the first page for home health lpns in the Cleveland area, not counting Maxim. This website is good for jobs, it gathers them from several sources and puts them all in one search for you. Look there and see what you can find. I used the words "home health lpn" in the search under cleveland oh.

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