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Pleasantly Addled

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by sharpeimom sharpeimom (Guide) Guide Expert Nurse

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My aunt shared this just now and I thought it was too good not to share.

My aunt is almost 90 and my uncle just had his 94th birthday.

This noon, __ and I were entering a local retirement home to attend our area retired ___colleagues Christmas party. Some 50-60 came. As I approached the door, I recognized ___ leaning on the wall smoking a cigarette. We hadn't seen each other for several years by now. "Hi, ___. We know each other from Kiwanis and the Historical Society meetings. Do you remember me? I'm ___." ____ looked at me with such a happy, though unseeing, look and declared, "My blood work came out just fine and I don't have to see a phlebotomist ever again!" I think that her mind was definitely misplaced. She kept on smiling and I went inside.

Love, Auntie

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LOL! That's cute.

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