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Plastic Surgery RN Overnights

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Calling all Perioperative/PACU RN's who work in Aesthetics...I know you're out there. I am curious to find out more information about overnights that you may do for your surgeons. I had a couple questions that I was hoping to have answered.

1. How often is there a need for overnights? Are they done by patient request or doctor request?

2. I know many nurses who just get paid cash for doing this...how does your surgeon pay you? Is this included in the price of the surgery or do they offer it as an additional "bonus" to some clients that they pay for in addition to the surgical procedure? In other words, where does the money come from that you get paid with (the client or the surgeon?)

3. How is your night typically spent with the patient? What services do you provide and are you typically in a hotel or in their houses?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, PM me if need be :)

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