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Plastic surgery as a hiring incentive


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I guess it is a cool benefit, if you like plastic surgery. However not for 1,000 a month salary! LOL. I might be more inclined to like it if the pay was good, AND THEN their were benefits like surgery. (The cherry on top, kind of deal) :)

First, I'd like to apologize to the people of Czechoslovakia for misspelling the name of their country last night. (gotta stop posting after working all day).

$1000 a month may not be a bad deal. Chicken, $1.20 a pound.Loaf of bread, $1. 1L milk 76 cents.4 pack of Activia yogurt. $1.93.Roll of TP, 26 cents. Bottle of Cabernet Savignon $4.16.....This place sounds better and better to me! LOL! ;)

I just saw a super cute two bedroom apartment for $624/month! Now, I don't anything about the area, but it's very Euro-rific looking. :yeah:

Of course, that's not in the US, where I found that I am earning more money (with less stress and hours) tending bar than nursing in FL--so I am no longer a practicing RN. So much for the shortage.

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