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pitocin in pre mixed bags

by jvcrn jvcrn (New) New

Anyone having trouble with pre-mixed bags of pit for induction? At times we have had poor response with mfg pre-mixed bags. We have changed the bag to one we mix and have had a better uterine response.

We are not supposed to mix our own pit. :balloons:

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:roll We started using premix last year and I really haven't seen any difference. The only thing we have trouble with is the pharmacy restocking the supply


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Make sure you are filling out variances on this problem.......

We mix our own pit......for now. That is about to change soon.

When pharmacy is gone we mix our own pit. Otherwise, our pharmacist puts 10 units in 1000 ml of NS or LR depending on the doc.

We don't use premixed bags at all.



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We went to premixed pitocin last year. But ours is prepared in our pharmacy. I can't lie, there has been a few times when we've changed bags because it doesn't seem to be working at all.

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