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Pill swallowing study

Specializes in Home Health (PDN), Camp Nursing. Has 9 years experience.

Hi all attached is a study I found useful. If I had a dollar for every time I taught a camper to take a pill I could actually afford to be ha camp nurse.

Two Techniques to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

I plan on trying these out at the next opportunity.



Has 21 years experience.

Thank you for sharing this! I have heard of the lean forward method but had forgotten about it. The pop bottle method is new to me. Unfortunately we don't have bottles readily available in the hospital where I work but sometimes the patient has a soda from the vending machines or brought in by visitors. I had honestly forgotten about the lean forward method so this was a good refresher and reminder to teach this to my patients. Especially w/ the big potassium horse pills!


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