switching peds-->PICU... questions!

  1. hey all,
    i'm a nurse with one year of experience on an acute care/stepdown peds unit at a level 1 hopsital, thinking about switching to PICU when i move this coming summer. has anyone had experience with this? i'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! i feel like i'm up to the challenge, but i know it'll be a steep learning curve!!

    my question is about the orientation programs.. what is your experience with transitioning to ICU as an experienced acute care nurse?

    THANKS for any help!!!!
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  3. by   PEDSVA
    I did the same thing and the transition went well. I did a formal critical care fellowship that included classes and clinical time. Most places have such fellowships. Mine was aprox. 12 wks and although I was scares to death I truly felt supported. I also think your acute care experience will give you an edge over new grads b/c you will already be familiar with normal vs, basic procedures, med admin., and growth n developement. Go for it, you won't regret it !