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  1. Need some advice. Nearly 2 years ago I started in a pediatric clinic that I love! I generally love what I do NEARLY every day! I love my 12 hour shifts! But it's an hour drive, they are making different changes soon. Like making us work Saturdays (I took a pay cut to not work in the hospital so I can have Saturdays off.) the place is full of drama. The list could go on!

    Today I have an interview at a women's health place. It's like 5 mins from where I live. It's 5 days a week (which is a con for me!) but it would also give me a fresh start! But I'll be losing lots of my skills when I switch over as I won't be doing many hands on like peds.

    Every nurse I work with is looking for a new job and they all say I'm stupid if I don't accept this job (if it's offered!)

    but I love peds!!

    I use to work adults for for a couple months and HATED IT! Will women's health be any different! I don't know what to do! Any advice if you have been in my shoes
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    Did you used to work with adults in acute care, LTC or clinic ? I probably wouldn't survive long on a med surg floor as my background is pediatric/neonatal, but I've done family health clinic and enjoyed it.