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    I am new to this forum, I am a new graduate and will begin my career in the PICU! I was wondering what type of stethoscope has been the most useful since there is an array of ages to care for? Right now I have the Adult Cardiology Littman. Any help will be great!
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    I think we've got a thread about his here somewhere.

    I use a Littmann II Adult scope and find it's workable even with infants, but I also have a pedi bell that I have kept just in case. Our unit has scopes that we're supposed to use at the isolated bedsides; we (only partly) jokingly call the Fisher Price scopes because they're so cheap and poorly made you'd almost think they're toys. They're all adult scopes. Now the only difficulty in using an adult scope for peds patients is being able to distinguish referred breath sounds and identifying what exactly youre hearing from where. But that comes with experience. I'd say to save your money and use the scope you have.