1. I got an interview on a PICU unit. I am a new grad, but been working on a medicine unit for about 4 months now. Any suggestions and tips pls!!
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  3. by   Esme12
    thread moved for best response
  4. by   mandee6959
    Be yourself, be honest. Pediatrics alone is a specialty, but PICU is just that much more. If it is for an internship, they expect you to be excited, eager to learn, and open to many preceptors! I don't think there is a special trick for an interview just because it is in a PICU. Good luck! I couldn't imagine working anywhere else, it's a very rewarding career choice!
  5. by   Gem13
    thank you so much! my Interviews tmrw, so I hope I kill it!
  6. by   PICU-Murse
    Read your post while back and was wondering how your interview went? You land the job? If so, how's it going?
  7. by   Gem13
    Didnt get it. They wanted someone with more experience, but ill keepp trying!
  8. by   PICU-Murse
    Hey that's OK!!!! Keep your head up and keep at it.