Oxygen saturation is 100% on 30% oxygen

  1. Hi everybody:
    I have a quick question.
    If patient's arterial pressure is 90 mm Hg and oxygen saturation is 100% on 30% oxygen. Can this patient be weaned from mechanical ventilation?
    Thanks so much for your comment.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Depends on other factors than just oxygenation. How old is the patient? What else is wrong with them?
  4. by   heraldie
    Thanks for your quick reply. He is 7 yo in car accident, multiple trauma (hypovolemic shock). I appreciate your time..
  5. by   steelydanfan
    There are multiple factors to be considered in attempting to wean or extubate a pt. Suzanne Burns, RN, MSN has published numerous articles and has a well known protocol for weaning/extubation guidelines.
    In summary, consider pt.s hgb: do they have O2 carrying capability?
    Resp. pattern?
    Nutritional status?
    Current mode of ventilation? SIMV or CMV? Has the pt. been tried on CPAP?
    Infectious process? Look at WBC, Bands, CXR and secretion amount/appearance.
    VS, MAP, and HR /SAT when stressed?
    Pt.s LOC?
    These are all criteria to follow when making the decision to extubate.
    Many more, go to AACN.org for more info. and teaching materials.