My first day as a PICU nurse!

  1. I was lucky enough to get hired on a PICU unit as a new grad and my first day on the floor is tomorrow!!!! I am already familiar with the unit because I did my internship there (thus how I got this job!), but I still find that I'm incredibly nervous!!! I can't believe I'm starting tomorrow!

    How was your first day/month as a new PICU nurse?? Any advice for a novice?
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  3. by   PRNketamine7
    Hi there!
    I am (hopefully) going to be starting in the PICU also!
    How was your first day? Are you liking the PICU?
    It is all I want to do (at least thats how I feel right now). I am going to be graduating in May.
    I would love to hear back from you, and hear any advice you could offer.