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Physical Therapy D/C visits

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Do the Medicare regs state anywhere that the patient must be seen by the PT to be discharged from therapy services? We have a PTA that just transferred from outpatient therapy to home health. She states that in the outpatient clinic PTA's have the ability to decide if the patient was ready for D/C and a last visit with the Physical Therapist is not required.

(I'm not talking about OASIS, I know PTA's cannot perform OASIS assessments.)

We have always required the PT to do a final visit to confirm pt's readiness for d/c from therapy.

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Nothing in the regs. Need to go by agency policy.

PA license regs doesn't permit PTA's to practice in home health,(requires direct supervision) something were fighting by introducing legislation.

Regs: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/manuals/Downloads/bp102c07.pdf

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