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PHSC LPN Fall 2014


Roll call!

I got my acceptance letter on Friday from PHCC! I applied to both RN and LPN. Hopefully, someone catches onto this thread. :) I'd like to talk to y'all before we meet in Brooksville in August!

Hey did you get into the LPN or RN! Congrats either way I got into the brooksville for LPN starting August 25th... soo excited

Hi! I was just accepted on Monday of last week to the LPN program at the Brooksville location. I did all of my required documentation and I will be there on Monday. But, I was not at the orientation because I was just accepted. I didn't get a whole lot of information when I went up to turn in my package. I was just wondering if I have to wear my uniform tomorrow or just street clothes. Also, can I have my own scrub bottoms or will I need to buy the ones from the college store? Thanks, and I am hoping to meet you tomorrow!!