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Phlebotomist vs. IV nurse


Whats the difference between an IV nurse and a phlebotomist?

An IV nurse is a licensed nurse and a phlebotomist may be certified at certain levels but does not need to be a nurse. The IV nurse may be part of an IV “team” in a hospital, their duties revolve around IV management and starting/removing IV access. They may or may not have other nurse duties. The phlebotomist usually is more confined to blood withdrawal duties and may work in a lab setting. Nurses generally are paid more than phlebotomists. Of course the education for each position is different.

murseman24, MSN, CRNA

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IV nurse typically walks around with an ultrasound putting in peripheral, midline, and PICC lines in the hospital. phlebotomist draws blood for lab work.

A phlebotomist only draws labs (draws blood), can't place an IV or give medication. An IV nurse is an RN who places IV's, as stated by previous poster. They also are our resource for treating infiltrates and troubleshooting PICC lines that have occluded. An an RN they hold a state RN license which allows them to practice nursing, not just IV nursing. Our hospital has an in house phlebotomist training course, I think it is six weeks long.