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Philippine nursing informatics trainings and updates


This thread is for all of us nurses here in the philippine's who are interested and would like to persue this specialty.. let's help and update each other shall we? thank you..:)


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Hi im from the Philippine Nursing Informatics Association, you might want to join our official facebook account for updates about seminars and trainings in Nursing informatics...

Please search in FB, Philippine Nursing Informatics Association


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Hi!! I have heard about nursing informatics however, I do not have a background about this new field. Is it now included in thw BSN curriculum? What is the concept of nursing informatics?? Thank you

As ive knew it...nursing info will tackle about telecommunications where you, or all the health care provider you handled the patient will be able to communicate through computer....the profile of patient or all the info about the patient will be encoded in the comp. instead of writing it...yeahhh... its included in the new bsn curriculum.

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hi everyone is there anyone here know how we can go about and specialize in this profession? I mean should I take another degree so that I can fit in with nursing informatics?