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Phd and Home Health

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Hello again;

I appreciate all the replies i have received for my previous post!

I have another question, this regarding school. How possible is it to be able to work, say three 12hr shifts, as an HH nurse and be able to go to school at the same time? I want to go back to school for BSN-Phd degree and with the flexibility i have read about from some of your posts, i was just wondering if i can be able to do school fulltime and do some hours as a HH nurse. I need the income at this time but i also don't want to put school on hold. Can i be able to handle the paper work and school work? Anybody there who has done this before? For the rest of you, what do you think. Please advise. (PS: I am still looking for a job in HH) Your response will be appreciated.:wink2:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.