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Pharmacology study guide book help!


Which would you recommend & why?

Nursing pharmacology made easy


Pharmacology made insanely easy?


NurseSpeedy, ADN, LPN, RN

Has 18 years experience.

The school I went to actually assigned a study guide book to purchase that went with the book. I used it for the first week and then stopped. Honestly, your book is going to be your best resource. In ours, there were drug prototype boxes and nursing process boxes. If you know those for the most part you will do fine. Some comes from reading paragraphs in the book (especially oncology and psych drugs), but I really found the study guide more of a distraction. Scored well in the class and the HESI if this helps.

Thanks! Our final is a HESI exam 😞. I just wanted something a little more visual, lol. Maybe a few mnemonics.

I have the Pharmacology made insanely easy book and its pretty awesome! It gives you a detailed explanations of the actions, indications, warnings, undesirable effects, interventions, education and evaluations as well as some very helpful ways to remembering them