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pharmacology question

jwha jwha (Member)

hi guys, quick concept check... drugs eliminated by the liver are fat soluble, are excreted into bile & removed through feces; whereas drugs eliminated by the kidneys are water soluble... is that accurate? thanks! :specs:

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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It's more dependent on how the specific drug is chemically broken down in the body e.g. oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, conjugation, condensation or isomerization. It's not a black & white fat soluble vs. water soluble answer. This is where Gen Chem & Organic Chem are helpful :)

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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I never learned that. I'm taking pharm right now. In order for a patch to work it has to be fat soluable to go through the skin. You really need to know mechanism of action I would think.

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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