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Pharm/Patho study tips


Hi all! Been lurking on this site for quite some time now, but this is my first actual post.

I'm in semester 3 of 5 of an accelerated ADN program and have had relatively little trouble with my studies until this semester! I'm taking 16 credits, including pharmacology and patho and am really having some trouble nailing down a helpful study system. For some reason, my brain isn't absorbing patho very easily and I'd LOVE to find a better way to learn pharm than just memorizing. Memorizing once in a while is okay, but I find this is only stashed in my short term memory - I want to be able to really understand all of this somehow!! So far I have a "Patho Made Incredibly Visual" book, which is not that helpful for me. I think it's really simplified and doesn't explain enough. Also, I have Mosby's memory cards for both patho and pharm and they aren't all that helpful either. More cute than anything.

Can anyone give me any other suggestions??

Thanks much in advance!!