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Personal Statement for 4510

ThisEDRN ThisEDRN (New) New

I am having trouble getting started on my personal statement for 4510. The requirements are: [COLOR=#990000][COLOR=#006600] Include in your personal statement why you are pursuing your BSN, how integrity and ethics play a role, and why professional writing/communication is so important to the profession of nursing.

I guess I am struggling getting this out in 2 pages and it making sense. It seems kind of mish mashy to me. Any suggestions?

Any luck with your personal stately in this class now and having such a hard time!

I didn't have to write that when I took it. There should be a rubric for this assignment. My advice is to follow the rubric to a T. Make sure you have every detail completed, you can't go wrong. I'm almost done after 2 and 3/4 years, and have done well most classes. Just follow the rubric. Good luck.