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Personal Lexicomp subscription?


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Hi all! I am a brand new nurse (passed NCLEX in June!!), and am debating subscribing to Lexicomp. My employer has it linked to their MAR, but I use lexicomp all the time for personal AND work purposes. I'm looking to get the Essentials package for nurses. I like being able to look at the mechanism of action (for a refresher), side effects, compatibility, etc. I'm not sure if it's worth paying for my personal use, or if I should just use it at work. Thanks!

Nah - get Epocrates and medscape apps for your basic use. You can also Google package insert info/FDA info much easier now than in the past @ accessdata. Here's an example, I picked a common med:


ETA: Recent grads may also retain access to their school's library resources for a period of time; you might look into that as well.

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