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the period that will not end


Im asking for any imformation as to what is the plan of care for this problem. Im calling to make an appointment tomorrow and would like to have and idea. Thank you.

Im asking for any imformation as to what is the plan of care for this problem. Im calling to make an appointment tomorrow and would like to have and idea. Thank you.

From what I can remember with women that experienced this same thing is that they were put on Provera or Birth Control to try and re-regulate the cycle.


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Whatever you do.... DO go to the Dr and see about it. I have seen people come in with H/H of 4/13 before because of this problem. Ended up getting 4 units of PRBCs before getting her back to 7/18... You might not think it, but a woman looses a pretty fair amount of blood every month when on their cycle. Then, coupled with an extended period, you get into trouble.

I am acctually experiencing this problem right now lol. In march I went to the doctor because I hadn't had my period for over a year and she put me on provera for 2 weeks and then I was regular until August then I got it and it wouldn't stop. She put me on provera again to stop it and ordered labs, and an ultrasound, as well as a endometrial biopsy (if your doc wants to do this take some pain killers before hand it was the most painful thing ever!! lol) and I acctually go back on wednesday (nov 30) to find out my results.

to ease your mind, it may just be a hormonal imbalance due to stress or weight gain/loss. I am 22 and that is what my doctor suspects since I didn't have any problems before hand except this past year.

oh PS lol my periods were so heavy they soaked through a super pad within 10 minutes and down my leg...at one point I thought I peed myself it was so gross. My clots also looked like cherry jello. (sorry for those eatting jello right now.. lol) not the normal clotty clots lol . Acctually at work it was so bad I had to use infant diapers and line my underware cause I couldn't keep running to the bathroom. (luckely I'm a peds nurse)


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goodgawdalmighty.....I actually WAS eating leftover cranberry jello. looked like clots in it. haha.

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goodgawdalmighty.....I actually WAS eating leftover cranberry jello. looked like clots in it. haha.



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I actually have had off and on severe periods since my son was born four years ago. Recently my doctor recommended taking two Midol and two Ibuprofen every six hours, that has really helped the severe bleeding. We are also looking at horomone therapy and hydrothermal ablation ( if you are past the baby making phase of your life :) ) Good luck with your appointment!

haha sorry about the jello comparison but that is what it looked like lol... and no I'm not past the baby making part of life lol I'm only 22 I haven't even had a child yet..but who knows after all this I may just say take my uterus and run with it lol just kidding (my mom would beat me if she knew I said that lol) but come on lol why can't things just work like they are supposed to ..but then again I guess I would be out of a job lol

I had the same problem. Started BC pills and the problem went away. Dr. did an U/S, thyroid profile, checked all my hormones and couldn't find anything wrong. She did say my uterus is not centered, I don't know if that makes a difference though. Stayed on the pills for five years because it was convienant to know when I was going to start. I'm not on them now. Stopped taking them in Sept. Had just one period but I'm not worried.

I wish you good luck at the doctor's!

Please go see a doctor about this. I had this happen to me in May. My doctor did a d/c and it turned out to be endometrial cancer. They caught it very early so I only needed a hysterectomy as the course of treatment.

Good Luck!!!

Luv2BAnurse: FOCLOL (falling out of chair lol)


Oh my! That was funny, I'm tear-ing up


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How did the appointment go? Hopefully, your doctor has some answers. if you feel not, please see another practioner so you do get what you need. Good luck.

having an ultrasound tomorrow. (not sleeping tonight). Im on day 13 but have slowed down a bit.


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Good luck, let us know!

Hey guys I acctually had my doctor appointment yesterday to get my test results and I am a bit confused. if anyone understands this please try to reexplain it to me cause I am lost lol.

She said my biopsy came back beinge....good

my ultrasound showed a thick endometrium (I was coming to the end of the medicine and was supposed to get my period the next couple days so she said that could be why but she is gonna repeat it. ) and that is showed possible hyperplasia but she thinks it doesn't when she looked at it and that it would have showed in the biposy and it didn't

then my blood work....my LFT's were slighly elevated and they always have been (I have major work ups couple years back and it was said thay as long as the stay at the slightly elevated level and don't increaase there is nothing to worry about) and my fasting insulin was extremely high, but my glucose was completely normal. SO this is where I am confused!

She said I do not have diabetes...that I am insulin resistant and will take metaformen? starting in january when I go back to see her. Now when I look up insulin resistant...it just talks about type 2 diabetes...and she specifically said I didn't have it. Also wouldn't he medication mess me up if its for diabetes...if you know what I am talking about let me know

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