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Perforated rectum - care plan


I am writing 3 care plans on my patient (74yo male) that had a perforation at the rectosigmoid junction following constipation. Unfortunately I forgot to write down his admit labs for my first column.:cry: Five days after admit his labs were

WBC - 14.0

H&H - 12.7 & 37.4

Plt - 201

Bun-Cr. 21 & 1.1

Total protein - 5.2

Albumin - 2.1

Calcium - 2.1

Any guess-timates of what they could have been when he was admitted?


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You know, you can try going to the hospital in your student uniform with your student ID and ask to see this patient's chart. Especially if there is an instructor from your school there, you can tell the instructor what you are there to do.

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