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per-diem visit rates

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Does anyone know what the per-diem visit rate runs approximately? I live in Phoenix and was wondering if it was competitive. Also, what is a typical HH full-time salary?


Can't speak for Phoenix but in Midland/Odessa Texas per visit RNs make 31-35 bucks a visit, FT salaried RNs make between 3800-4600 BOE

SC--32-35 a visit

plus $50 for soc

if roc add $25 to visit rate

not bad not great


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I live in Phoenix and do home health - the agency I work at does intermittent visits only. No private duty. Last I know of rates as follows:

LPN - $40 visit

RN case open - $75

RN revisit - $50

Infusion - $85 open x 2 hours then $40 hour each following hour until infusion is done. Revisit infusions $40 hour.

Home Health Aide/CNA- $20 visit for baths etc...

Homemaking - $13 hour.

You can work as many visit at you want - 32 per week is considered full time. You can figure the math. They do not pay milage or gas, or cell phone..this is why rates are so good...I've been doing for a little while - love it!

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