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Per Diem Nursing pay rates in Houston, Texas


Hi all,

I'm an RN who is currently a SAHM to my infant son. I am considering finding PRN/Per Diem work in the near future. My husband and I are crunching numbers and trying to decide between me getting a PRN gig or a part-time gig. With factoring in the cost of child care on those days, I'd like to have some idea of what the normal hourly pay rate would be for per diem/non-benefits work? I truly have no idea. I have 3-4 years of experience.

Thanks in advance!


HikingNinja, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Psych. Has 8 years experience.

I'd post your question in the Texas forum. Per diem rates are different than travel pay rates. Have you tried calling HR and asking? They should be able to tell you if you can get ahold of them.