Pentiction hospital murder/suicide


Has anyone heard of this tragic event that occurred sometime yesterday I think. From what I heard a man came in and shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. Apparently it happened on the floor not the ER. Anyways, if anyone has more information, please share it. My heart goes out to those nurses involved. Just know we are thinking of you.


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Yup, from what I heard on the news, she was going to be transfered to extended care that day and he knew it. He'd been a regular visitor. The nurse who witnessed it is receiving counselling according to tonights news.

He was 77 and she was 80.

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This is scary as heck. I was working at the hospital where a lady(pt) and her mother were shot by her (the patients) husband (in a 4 bed room) and then he fled the scene. There was a manhunt and they found him, slowly bleeding to death (he shot himself). Scary as heck concidering I cared for the lady adn had conversations with the husband. Scary. It can be scary out there as we have now seen!

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