Working while in school

  1. I am starting an ASN program in Sept. and I am concerned about what I am going to do for income since I will have to quit my current job once I start classes. Anyone have any suggestions of what they did while in school?
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  3. by   adamsmom
    I work on the weekends as a CNA. Since I work on the weekends I get a good rate and I work 12 hr shifts. It is hard but it gives me money and they pay for school. Good luck
  4. by   sru056
    Thanks for the info! I am willing to do whatever I can to get through school, even 12 hr. shifts. I'm goign to look into it.
  5. by   L&D_2b
    Is your program full time? Or do you have the option of completing all prerequisite courses prior to starting the core nursing courses? That might make it a little easier on you if you continue to work.
    I'm starting BC3's RN program in the fall. However, I took all of my prerequisites first so I would only be left with the 8 credit nursing course each semester. With four kids, it was my only option.
    Good luck!