Working as RN or CRNP in Pittsburgh

  1. Hi. I'm in an adult nurse practitioner program in WA state, but plan to move to Pittsburgh after graduation (2013). I am unfamiliar w/ PA laws. What can a CRNP in PA prescribe/not prescribe? Are there any problems w/ working under MD supervision? How is the job market for either RNs or CRNPs? What about salaries (ie. new CRNP, 10 years experience as an RN)? Preferred employers? Would you recommend getting board certified as an NP?

    Any other info much appreciated.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    pa crnp regs:certified registered nurse practitioners ... 21.251

    certification required to be licensed as crnp and need prescriptive authority agreement with collaborating md to prescribe meds.

    salary info + job locator:
    aanp jobs:
    np central:
    nurse practitioner salary in pennsylvania |
  4. by   NP_student
    Thanks, Karen. Those are somewhat helpful, but websites only show part of the picture. It would be great to get personal input. I don't really trust salary ranges posted on websites, for the benefits package often adds several thousand to baseline pay. I would love to hear what NP's actually make in Pittsburgh. Also, personal stories/opinions about MD collaboration, and any advice as to the local hospitals & job market.