Why does DCCC discriminate against Philadelphians??

  1. I think it's totally unfair that I can't apply to DCCC's nursing program because I live in Philadelphia. CCP does not have an evening program so naturally people that want to continue working will look at DCCC. I'm mad I wasted my gas driving up there. All those hills and turns. Mmph.
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  3. by   mediaboi
    When the school district of Philadelphia starts contributing to the financial budget of DCCC like the majority of school districts of Delaware County then I think the discrimination will stop. If you look at the nursing application, priority will be given to residents who reside in those school districts since they are paying taxes to support DCCC.
  4. by   AtomicWoman
    Most community colleges give priority to their county's residents, due to tax support from the county. Here in NJ, that is definitely the way it plays out.