washington hospital school of nursing

  1. I've decided to go back to get my RN! I already have a BS. Does anyone have experience with Washington Hospital School of Nursing. I would like to hear your opinions of the school .
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  3. by   lildebbie-RN
    Leslie, I graduated from there this past December and I was Hired immediately. The school is very good in my opinion. There is a ton of clinical(which really help) and the Instructors(most of them) are very helpful. If you want any specifics you can PM me and I will gladly give you any info you want. By the way where are you from?
  4. by   Altra
    Hi there,

    I don't know any specifics about the Washington Hospital SON - I'm at another Pittsburgh-area hospital school. But I did want to chime in here that about 1/3 of my class of 45 students already have a BS or BA in some other field - we range in age from 19 to early 50s.

    Best of luck to you!