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  1. Hey everyone,
    If anyone is looking to become a CNA, but can't take a course during the day. There is a place called Pampering Plus in Abington that needs one more person to form a night class. Please if you are looking for a night CNA class in the area call them. Their website is www.pamperingplus.com. :typing
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  3. by   camiwannabeRN
    If anyone has another suggestion on a place that offers a night CNA program in the Philadelphia area please send me those suggestions too. Thanx :heartbeat
  4. by   Desilina

    There is a school in Upper Darby, PA that offers day, evening and weekend classes. I am taking the evening, due to the fact that I work during the day. PM me if you are still interested. Oh, and it's about $1,300 - I know! But I tried other places and they only offer full-time.