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    Just wondering if anyone out there recently applied at Upmc shadyside SON for spring 2018? If so, how long did it take for you to receive the acceptance letter. I took the teas and completed everything last month. I called and was told I may not get in due to the overwhelming amount of students who applied for fall 2017 (which would require the school to, I assume offer those folks Spring 2018 if they didn't get in for Fall 2017). I really hope I get in! Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!

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  3. by   kpippens90
    I apply in July and still have not heard anything yet.
  4. by   Brinkley88
    If not accepted, or while waiting, have you considered Mercy School of Nursing? Fall admission 2018. I am a grad with 30 years- had to wait to get in back in 1983- worth the wait. Best of luck!