U PEnn nursing

  1. I'm from D.C. but was considering trying to get into U Penn. Anyone here graduate from there?All opinions welcome.
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  3. by   dawngloves
    Any special reason you're thinking of UPenn? We have other Universities here with nursing programs that are less $$$.
  4. by   staygold
    My dad went to UPenn and their nursing program has a strong reputation for treating male nurses exceptionally well .Other than that no real valid or solid reasons for my curiosity.Just wondering if its hype or not.
  5. by   SerenityR.N.
    Not a grad from U PENN but just remember sometimes the name itself may be better than the program.
  6. by   naggytabby
    i am a upenn bsn (accelerated) grad, now in msn program there. have several degrees from both public and private universities. upenn is incredibly respected in terms of its nursing program. i was accepted to a number of programs and chose to go there. not sorry i went either!!!
  7. by   staygold
    I figured it was more of a brand name deal but wasn't sure.I haven't been here in the States all that long to know the ins and outs
  8. by   dawngloves
    You should take a look at the stickied post above, with the NCLEX pass rates of PA colleges and universities.