Temple: good idea?

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping to begin work on my BSN this coming fall and am hoping eventually to transfer to Temple University; my mother went there for a Sociology degree and my aunt for a Language degree. I like the idea of following in their footsteps I suppose. But, I have two questions:

    - It is a reputable school for nursing?
    - Is crime really that bad of an issue? I remember going to campus a few times with my mom in the early 90s and it was certainly a concern but never so much so that people would tell you to stay away. I'd have to use Septa to commute from the suburbs.

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  3. by   LUXOR21
    Temple has a great nursing program. I worked on Temple's main campus for two years and while the crime rate is high in the area I managed to make it to and from on public transportation safely everyday. Not a great idea to be out by yourself at night. Of course you know there is safety in numbers.