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  1. Are there any out there?
    I'm moving to Pittsburgh area in six days....still dont have a job. What are the nurseatient ratios there? I'm currently working wtih 4:1 and I've read some scary posts about 8-12:1 patient ratios!!
    Help :-)
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  3. by   BadBird
    Check out UPMC Presby,they are a level 1 trauma center, also Mercy has a level 1 trauma center. The patient ratio sucks all around, UPMC owns 1/2 of all hospitals and do tend to work the nurses to death. Presby pays well but you have to pay a small fortune to park and walk a long distance and it is freezing now. Traffic is always a problem. Some smaller but nicer UPMC hospitals are South Side, it is a nice small hospital, but they pay is the lowest around. I would avoid at all costs Braddock and McKeesport Hospitals as they are in bad areas ( you hear gunshots when you get out of your car!). Good luck to you.