1. Hello, Montgomery County (also Bucks) Nurses (outside Philly):

    I'm trying to return to nursing after a long absence--I'm an RN. Can anyone tell me of any hospitals who are receptive to long-absent nurses? I did take a refresher course in 2004 (I'm living in--God help me, Tucson AZ at the moment. I'm hoping to return in late December-January. I grew up in and attended nursing school in Philly so I know the area well. Please help!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Doylestown Hospital hosts refresher course, one of my staff attended, so try there!
  4. by   roxy48

    Your post gave me a chuckle because I also lived in Tucson, Az (for 8 years...) and couldn't wait to get back to the Philly area (did so in 2002). What I found upon returning to Philly ( my home town ) was how alot of the smaller hospitals had either closed or consolidated. Currently I work for Thomas Jefferson University hospital and if I were you I would check out Main Line health system ( in montgo county). They are under the umbrella of Jefferson and may offer refresher courses for returning RN's. Good luck to you. I think you will enjoy returning to the Philly area. ( I hated the heat in Tucson and appreciate this area so much now after living in the southwest)