PA: House Professional Lic. Committee to Hold Hearing on Nsg Peer Assistance HB1722

  1. house professional licensure committee to hold hearing on nursing program bill

    what: the house professional licensure committee will conduct a public hearing on house bill 1722, legislation to create a nurses health program that will establish a statewide peer assistance program for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. the program will assist and monitor nurses experiencing mental health, alcohol or drug problems that are likely to impair a nurse's ability to practice.

    who: rep. tom gannon (r-delaware), chairman, professional licensure committee; and members of the committee. those testifying include scott messing, deputy commissioner, bureau of professional and occupational affairs; michele p. campbell, executive administrator, pennsylvania state nurses association; gregory k. gable, senior director, physicians health program; virginia b. henning, executive director, foundation of the pennsylvania medical society; ronald e. rebuck, director of nursing, harrisburg area community college; arthur j. zwerling, program director, school of nurse anesthesia, the pennsylvania hospital; and bonita l. shearer, r.n., m.s.ed., c.a.c., l.p.c.

    when: wednesday, april 7

    time: 10 a.m.

    where: hearing room 1, north office building, capitol complex

    news advisory
    office of rep. tom gannon
    for information: tricia lehman (717) 772-9840

    more info and bill link:

    please call your legislators and support this bill.
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