PA college of tech (PCT) nursing

  1. Is anyone currently in the PCT RN nursing program and what was your TEAS score?
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  3. by   JakPitts
    Following this as well. Sorry, can't help with testing scores, I haven't taken the TEAS. When I called they said they required a 65. Just found very little feedback about this program. I'm looking at this school and would be interested in hearing from past students. Wondering about the class and clinical schedules, is it possible to work? Is the program fairly organized and supportive of the students. PTC has fabulous NCLEX pass rates for LPN and RN just looking for personal experience! Thanks
  4. by   JakPitts
    Sorry all, had a mild dyslexia moment. I thought this original post was referring to PTC - Pittsburgh Technical College! Please disregard my previous comment