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  1. i just wanted to introduce myself as a new member here. i'm from nepa & am presently employed as a staff nurse on the telemetry unit at a small local hospital. i've been an rn since 1988, prior to that i was an lpn for about 4 years. my background in nursing is diverse...from nursing homes to a dialysis unit, m/s, critical care & step down to my present position which brought me back to a tele unit.

    thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. hope to get to know everyone soon as there are some concerns i'd like to discuss with you folks from larger hospitals.

    live, love & laugh...that's life with dogs!:roll
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    Hi there !

    Welcome to ALLNURSES and hope you enjoy as much as we do !
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    Ahhhh, a dog lover...I like you already